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Dr. Bridgette Tate-Wyche, Principal!

Welcome to Lillie Carmichael Evans (LCE) K-8 Center's web-site, home of the literary Lions! I honor and consider it a privilege to be embarking on my first year as the proud Principal of this wonderful educational institution. This 2017-18 school year promises to be a magical year of academic success for students and continued professional growth and development for faculty and staff. We will continue to partner with parents and the community to ensure our students are supported both academically and emotionally. We strive daily to offer challenging academic programs in a positive and caring learning environment where all students can learn. We are excited to once again offer the CodeBot robotics and coding program to our 3rd and 6th grade science students. We also offer Law Studies to our middle school students who students are safe once school is dismissed.

Our vision is that students depart through these doors as lifelong learners with a positive attitude and a mission to make the world a better place to live.

Lillie C. Evans K-8 Center is "Excellence In Your Own Back Yard".

Dr. Bridgette Tate-Wyche, Principal!

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Dr. Bridgette Tate-Wyche



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Vission & Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Vision Statement Students depart through these doors as life long learners with a positive attitude and a mission to make the world a better place in which to live.

Mission Statement

Mission Statement We promote academic and personal excellence and strive to make a difference in every student's life by providing activities, experiences, and forms of instruction that will ensure development to their fullest potential.



Dr. Bridgette Tate-Wyche, Principal!

Lillie C. Evans Elementary is a Full Service School. A full service school integrates education, medical, social and human services that are beneficial to meeting the needs of children and their families on school grounds.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools partnered with Children's Trust and Miami-Dade County Health Department to establish Health Connect in Our Schools. Our school has been selected to participate in this new initiative. The School Health Team consists of a nurse, provided by the Economics Opportunity Family Health Center, school social worker, and school health aide who are able to provide basic and clinical health services. This initiative was launched in 2006 and will be implemented in phases, with every school in Miami-Dade County benefiting from a health team within five years

Basic services provided by the team include:
Emergency First Aid/CPR
Grade appropriate Vision/Hearing/Scoliosis,
Height and Weight Screening
Counseling and Social Services
Medication Administration with appropriate documentation
Chronic Disease Management with appropriate documentation

If you have further questions please contact Tina Simmons, Full Service Center Coordinator, at 305-694-2366.


Lillie C. Evans

Lillie C. Evans - 1876-1958

Teacher and respected citizen - Principal of Miami graded, Elementary and High Schools 1918-1938.

Lillie Carmichael was born in Canton, Mississippi on May 22, 1876. Lillie was the middle child in a family of ten brothers and sisters. She attended preparatory school and college in Nashville, Tennessee and graduated from Roger Williams University. Upon her graduation, she married Reverend J.R. Evans. She began her school work in Gallatin, Tennessee where her first son, James Carmichael was born. She then moved to Milan, Tennessee where her daughter, Ruby Christine and son, George Harrison were born. In 1907, the family moved to Earlington, Kentucky where Lillie Carmichael Evans taught in the new elementary school. In 1914, they returned to Nashville and Lillie joined the faculty of Roger Williams University where she taught in the Preparatory Department.

In 1918, the family was called to Miami, Florida where Lillie Carmichael Evans began developing her career as a Public School Principal. In April 1920, Lillie was appointed Principal of Washington Graded School. She continued as Principal when the school was moved into the building which is now the Booker T. Washington High School at N.W. 6th Avenue and 12th Street. As Principal, she took on a leading role in keeping pace with new trends in public education in the black community. It was the first school in Dade County and South Florida to provide a twelfth grade education for black children that was recognized by school officials. She served as a successful Principal of Booker T. Washington, Elementary Division, and Dunbar Elementary School. From this position, she retired in 1938.

Mrs. Lillie Carmichael Evans died in Washington, D.C. on February 5, 1958. Lillie C. Evans Elementary School at 1895 N.W. 75th Street, was named and dedicated by the Dade County Board of Public Instruction in March of 1959. This school will serve as a permanent memorial to one of the educational leaders who contributed much to the Dade County Public School system.


Literacy through the Arts


Lillie C. Evans K-8 Center provides students a wonderful opportunity to participate in the Literacy Through the Arts program. In this program, students in kindergarten through sixth grade will become young authors, as they emerge into literacy by participating in the Lucy Calkins Writer's Workshop. These students will also be exposed to the literacy art of Drama. Those students who are in grades three through six will explore the  literacy arts of Journalism and Broadcast Media. Lillie C. Evans is also a professional development laboratory school affiliated with Florida International University. As a professional development school, Lillie C. Evans works to build and sustain a work environment that is collaborative and supports student achievement. The Literacy Through the Arts program emphasizes a hands-on approach to learning through daily instruction and experiences in communication skills, computer networking and critical thinking activities. In addition, through literacy based field trips, language arts and career fairs, students become aware of the career opportunities available in these areas.

  • Writer's Workshop - Kindergarten-Grade 2
  • Journalism - Grades 7
  • Broadcast Media - Grades 3-6




As Part of the I Choose! Literacy Through the Arts Program, students in grades 3 to 6 are exposed to the literary art of Broadcast Media. Students explore communication technology through the field of Broadcast Media. The school is equipped with a state of the art broadcast studio. Each morning the broadcast media team produces a live news broadcast on WLCE TV which is viewed by all students, faculty, and staff in the school. The morning broadcast includes daily news, weather reports, "Get Caught Reading" information, and other important information. Students learn to operate video cameras, microphones, and other electronic news gathering equipment. Students also learn how to edit raw video footage and use audio dubbing.

The Magic Words.

Shared Vision - Teamwork - We are in this together - Mentor - Transperency - Trust - I'm counting on you - Inspire - I need your help- Coah - You ca do it - I trust you - Communicate - Let's learn from this - Empower I accept responsibility - Motivate



OVERVIEW: CodeBot Program

OVERVIEW: CODEBOT PROGRAM The CODEBOT Program is designed to integrate robotics and coding into the science curriculum to create successful learning outcomes. Third or six grade science teachers and students delve into activities that promote communications, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. Each hour is filled with a variety of robotics activities that allow students to develop products that demonstrate understanding of the Next Generation Sunshine State standards learn during regular science instruction. The CSS coordinator, classroom science teacher, and student alliances will use technology, educational application and website such as,,, and Robot C along with engaging VEX IQ robot kits to demonstrate their understanding of science concepts while engaging in inquiry based learning experiences that will develop persistence through exploring designing, and creating. AS students brainstorm ideas, try them out, and make them better, they will learn effective ways to share their result with others and reach into the community to identify and solve problem. Activities will also be driven by issues or questions that interest students related to their topic of study. Facilitating teachers and CSS co-teacher will assist students to participate and communicate with each other as they discuss and support ideas with research, data collection and data analysis. Through extensive modeling and collaboration teachers and students will extend their understanding of design thinking process. Student at Lillie C. Evans K-8 Center are amongst the approximate 900 third and six grade students in Miami-Dade County Public School's that participate in the CodeBot Program. For more information visit:

codebot link to codebotmiami.

Lillie C. Evans CodeBot Program


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ELA/Math/Science/Social Studies

ELA/Math/Science/Social Studies

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ELA/Writing/Social Studies


ELA/Writing/Social Studies


ELA/Math/Science/Social Studies

ELA/Writing/Social Studies




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Tate-Wyche, Principal

Welcome to Lillie Carmichael Evans (LCE) K-8 Center's web-site, home of the literary Lions! I honor and consider it a privilege to be embarking on my first year as the proud Principal.